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Valmetal specializes in design and fabrication of feeding equipment for dairy farms and beef producers offering TMR mixers, feeders, conveyors, silo unloaders, bale/bedding choppers and automatic feeding systems.

V-Mix can cut and mix a wide variety of products including large round bales, square, baleage or dry.

  • Left, right, front, a rear unloading door
  • 540 RPM PTO shaft with a shear bolt (also available at 1000 RPM)
  • Chute with magnet
  • Fully welded tub 1/4″ (6 mm) thick
  • Tower style planetary gearbox
  • 3/4″ (19 mm) thick floor
  • Tungsten carbide coated auger knives (standard)
  • Heavy-duty independent trailer
Agri Chopper

The Agri-Chopper chops big bales of straw, cardboard or paper to make fluffy and spongy bedding.  Thanks to its powerful blower, it can be used to spread bedding evenly up to 40′ (12 m) in free stall barns, hog barns, and poultry barns.

Fast, accurate, the Agri-Chopper allows you to save time and energy as well as materials.  Indeed, it has been proven that it takes twice as much compressed straw in comparison to chopped straw to make decent bedding, resulting in lower bedding cost and less manure handling.

  • Facilitates handling and distribution of large bales
  • Adjustable Deflector – 360° either manually or from the tractor (optional)
  • Significantly reduces the cost of feed and bedding
  • Produces a more appetizing feed and ideal fiber length (as recommended by nutritionists)
  • Aids in the addition of hay to the ration for a more homogeneous mixture (TMR)
  • Produces a more effective litter using less material
Self-Propelled Feed Pusher

The unique concept of the auger is to push the silage or hay back to the animals in a fluffy way, thereby increasing order and palatability.  It is well known that the silages and forages served like this increase the dry matter consumption and consequently the production of milk.

  • 10″ touch screen is very easy to use
  • Can be controlled from your computer, tablet and cell phone
  • Works with two 12V 105Ah gel batteries
  • Motors are brushless and maintenance free
  • Electric loading station is a simple 1/8″ plate
Hammer Mill & Roller Mill
  • Can be mounted directly over mixers or on auger-out bases for vertical or 45° discharge auger
  • Heavy duty plate magnet
  • Spring-loaded front plate to eliminate grain leakage
  • 15 V-shaped case hardened hammers
  • Different screen sizes are available for any grinding requirement
  • Roller Mills produce a crumbled, fluffy feed that is easier for your livestock to digest than pressure-flaked feed
  • Our Roller Mill will produce precise particle size every time.
  • All the bearings are easily greasable through flexible hoses without having to remove the guards.
  • Different types of corrugated rolls are available for all models.
  • Rollers are made of high carbon steel, hardened for exceptional durability.
Grain-o-Matic Unloader