Slurrystore Systems are your best option for economical manure management, bioenergy applications, and environmental stewardship.

Slurrystore Systems are engineered to the highest standards using glass-fused-to-steel panels which resist corrosion and have a long life cycle.  Its above-ground positive containment design conforms to USDA-NRCS regulations and can aid in odor reduction.  Perhaps more importantly, a Slurrystore System will help maximize nutrient value through its built-in center agitation system.  A Slurrystore System is also expandable to meet any growth needs.


Slurrystore brochure

The Ideal solution for Ag Nutrient Storage

With continually high fertilizer costs, dairy and livestock manure is no longer a liability but an important asset.  A properly sized Slurrystore can easily store manure for months before it is transferred to fields to provide valuable nutrients for crops. The Slurrystore agitation system ensures a consistent nutrient mix for the optimum value of N, P and K in each load hauled to the field.

Research shows that 30 tons of dairy cow slurry, the amount produced by 1.5 mature cows consuming a balanced diet in a year’s time, can provide the total nitrogen fertilizer needs for one acre of 150 bushel-per-acre corn.

Pumps and Accessories

Slurrystore Systems feature a variety of pumps and accessories to satisfy the needs of your ag nutrient management system.

These include:

  • Model 1400 system pump
  • Model 2400 side mounted pump
  • Center agitation nozzles
  • Over the top agitation nozzles
  • Cathodic protection