Belt Conveyors

The Patz Trough Slider-Bed Belt Conveyors provide a wide variety of lengths, belt widths, and capacities for economical conveying of light-to-medium-density bulk materials. High gloss polyester powder coated steel, bolt-together conveyor sections resist rust.  The rugged, formed frame is heavy-gauge for durability.

Optional Features
  • Optional wiper or powered brush belt wiper cleans the top surface on non-cleated belting
  • Belts are available with a texture or smooth surface
  • Covers available to protect material and conveyor from wind, rain and other contaminants
  • Elevate 0° – 30° and then convey level with an adjustable decline
  • Optional loading hopper controls material loading and prevents spillage
Belt Feeders

Patz Belt Feeders are economically priced and offer exceptional performance and layout versatility with many valuable features.  Adding options as needed provides a custom-built feeder for your exact needs, saving you money.

  • Feeders mount down the center or side of feed bunks or can be ceiling mounted in barns.
  • Adjustable stands support and couple feeder sections for convenient installation. Height adjusts easily.
  • The durable belt uses a proven alligator staple splice or stainless steel or a Clipper splice. A take-up idler provides easy adjustment of belt tension and tracking.
Vertical Mixers

The Patz Vertical Mixer combines large volumes of assorted material for a uniform mixed ration. Mix and unload fast with superior cleanout – saves time & fuel!

  • Handles a wider variety of ingredients, including less expensive alternative feeds.
  • Handles large round and square bales, wet or dry.
  • Consistent TMR from start to finish, regardless of batch size.
  • Ability to mix small batches for special needs or pre- and post- fresh groups.
  • Palatable, well blended TMR minimizes sorting – reduces refusals and feed waste.

No more shaking straw by hand for cow bedding or landscaping!

§     Uniform Coverage

§    Transports Easily

§    Reverse or replace blades quickly and easily

§    A single-handle seven position grate control

§    Two adjustable discharge doors direct the flow of materials

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